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8 Splendid Historical Sites to Visit in Seville, Spain

Spain is a beautiful country with medieval history, glory and modern systems. It has a rich culture attracting the tourists worldwide. Among the top Spanish cities, the Seville is very prominent. This is an old city in Andalusia region having the reflection of Islamic Kingdom (Medieval Spain). supports travelers planning to explore Spain and its beautiful cities. It has Etihad Airways discount code on luxury travel services such as tickets, meals, seats, and baggage and on-arrival facilities. Would you like all these services while exploring Seville? Grab the deals on Seville tour and don’t forget to visit these places in this city.

Alcazar de Seville:

This is a royal palace built by the Moorish. It has wonderful gardens, water fountains and rooms. The most amazing fact about alcazar is that it is still under use of royal family. Discover the Islamic architecture and history by visiting this beautiful palace.

Cathedral de Seville:

This Gothic Cathedral attracts visitors due to special carving and sculptures. This is home to Spanish art. It is present in Avenida de La Constitucion connecting the Alcazar and La Giralda. This breathtaking building has lots of details. Don’t forget to visit the Catafalque in order to see remains of legendary and famous Christopher Columbus.

 La Giralda:

This is a popular bell tower. Tourists can book a visit to this tower while booking flights to Spain with Etihad airways discount code. Confirm your passes and entry tickets before you arrive in Seville. This cathedral tower is unique because it reflects the Islamic influence. There are two other towers similar to La Giralda. The first one is Hassan Tower in Rabat while second (Koutoubia Mosque) in Marrakech.

Plaza de Espana:

This Moorish architecture was established in 1928. This palace is present in Parque de Maria Lusia that makes it tricky. This is a massive building but it is difficult to find it especially if you are new to Parque de Maria Lusia. This site is also attractive due to Star War movie series.

Alameda de Hercules:

This is a historical centre or focal point in Seville. This amazing structure was developed in 1574 making it oldest Garden Square in Europe. The two towers contain the statues of Julius Caesar and Hercules. This is a best place for cycling or walking surrounded by Topas Bars.

Metropol Parasol:

This is Las Setas de la Encarnacion. Most people are unaware of the significance of this building. This mushroom-like building offers the largest wooden structure around Larana Street.

 Barrio Santa Cruz:

This is Jewish Quarter nearby Cathedral in Southern part of Seville. This is a narrow, maze-like street. It holds several restaurants and bars all around.

Golden Tower:

This tower has a second name “Torre del Oro” presenting amazing view of Guadalquivir river. Almohad Caliphate developed this cylindrical shape building in 13th century.  Are you booking flights to Seville, Spain with Etihad airways discount code? Don’t forget to book passes to see this majestic building having a great history of Islamic architecture in Europe.