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4-Day Itinerary Guide – What to Do In Maria Island?

Maria Island, one of Tasmania’s hidden gems, is a must-see for every traveler and adventurer. It’s quite different from other trips since you’ll be fully immersed in nature and what it has to offer through their world-famous 4-day walk. This excursion allows you to fully appreciate the untouched island in its pureness. Aside from the whole experience, you also get bragging rights to completing one of the world’s great walks.

What to see?

Maria Island is many things that a two-day trip isn’t enough to fully comprehend it’s beauty. If you decide to go, you can expect three things: beauty, history, and wildlife.


The entire continent of Australia and its people are very adamant about wildlife preservation. And on the island,  you get to feel that in the face as you watch endemic birds and animals of various kinds frolic around you.


Maria Island’s Darlington settlement is listed and recognized by World Heritage. It’s amazing how the beauty of the island is preserved even after many cultures passed through and lived there for the time being.


This goes without saying. The island is where the best beaches meet the most luscious rainforests. There are only a few places on Earth where both of these things exist so harmoniously for human beings to enjoy. 

The Infamous 4-Day Walk

You’ll be doing a lot of walking. The whole island exploration is practically a walk. But it’s not just any excursion. It’s been dubbed as world’s great walks. And you get to experience it firsthand.

  • First Day

Once you arrive at Triabunna, a boat will take everyone to the actual island. Lunch is served while you’re enjoying the azure oceans of Shoal Bay. The walk starts there and heads towards Casuarina Beach camp. The entire afternoon will be spent on exploring the trail of the eucalypt forest up to Haunted Bay. Expect a one-of-a-kind dinner under the stars.

  • Second Day

After a sumptuous breakfast, guides will let you explore the 5 beaches along the shoreline. By the afternoon, you’ll reach White Gums where you can take a swim after hours of exploring. A candlelit dinner is served and you get to sample the very best that Tasmania has to offer.

  • Third Day

Day 2 covers the exterior parts of the island. For the third day, you’ll be focusing inland. Maria Island isn’t just a paradise for beach lovers but a complete haven for nature enthusiasts. The grand forest is home to the world-famous Mt. Maria, Mt. Bishop, and Mt. Clerk. You can choose to climb any of these peaks or you can choose to climb them all. The views at the peak will make everything worth it. You’ll be able to visit the settlement of Darlington that’s currently listed in the World Heritage list.

  • Fourth Day

The day focuses on exploring the northern parts of the island. Guides will help you go through amazing woodlands and forests where you can enjoy spotting endemic birds and other exotic animals you can’t easily see in most zoos. The Fossil Bay sea cliffs are nothing short of dramatic. And after enjoying that, you’ll head down to Fossil Cliffs where you get to enjoy fossils. Explorers will then head back to Darlington for the lunch, then, it’s time to say farewell to one of nature’s most breathtaking islands.

All of these tours are guided so you don’t have to worry about safety and other risks.