Kusadasi Beaches That You Should Visit This 2019!

Kusadasi is the place where you can find the most amazing beaches in the world. This is why on your next visit to Turkey, you should never forget to go to Kusadasi. There are plenty of beaches here and they have two things in common – crystal clear waters and perfect weather! If you love the beach and adventure, expect to explore the umbrella and sun-bed filled beaches Kusadasi. If you are ready to list down your itinerary, here are the most beautiful beaches that you can visit while in Kusadasi.

Diamond Beach / Gold Beach

This is commonly called the Gold Beach and just in front of the old holiday resort, Nazilli Sitesi’ and ‘Aydin Tur Sitesi.’ This part of the beach was where you can find holiday houses. On your way to the beach, you will find the Nazilli Bazaar which is one of the best places to shop. If you go further, you can find plenty of restaurants that make the popular Turkish Gozleme as well as other Turkish snacks.

Downtown Beach 

This is located just in between the Marina and the Harbour and is very popular because of its location that is near the town and the best hotels where you can find cheap Kusadasi deals. It has a beautiful view over the Pigeon Island. You can enjoy sightseeing while the cruise ships dock in the port. This is the best beach to visit if you want to lie beneath the sun while enjoying the view. You can find sun beds everywhere and also a small cafe along the beach. If you want more options, walk along the boulevard and you can find here a variety of cafes and lots of shops.

Ladies Beach

This is also known as the Kadinlar Denizi and is one of the busiest and the most popular beaches in Kusadasi. The beach got its name from the time when only the women can have access to the beach. But now, Ladies Beach is open to all. It’s lined with palm trees and plenty of shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants. There are also many hotels here because. The beach is one of the most well-known in the area for its clean and shallow waters as well as 1 kilometer of sandy beach.

Kusadasi Beaches

Long Beach 

The beach got its name from its 18 kilometers long stretch. Through the years, it’s divided into sections because more and more shops opened along the coast. These days, only the beginning of the entire beachfront is considered the Long Beach and it is 6 km south of Kusadasi. This is where most water activities are held. You can also find here the Aqua Center which is one of the three waterparks in Kusadasi.

Love Beach 

This is the last part of the beach and you can find here a small cafeteria that serves authentic Turkish breakfasts. There is also a marina that has speed boats and fishing boats at the beginning of the Love beach. Right next to is a cafe that offers snacks and drinks as well as barbecue services all year round. 

Paradise Beach 

Here, you can find plenty of restaurants, bars, and cafes just along the road and the beach. There are also sunbeds and umbrellas everywhere as well as a fish market during the summer months. A pastry shop and a massage service can also be found here. When you ride the Davutlar minibus, make sure to ask the driver about the Mersin Beach Hotel. 

Silver Sand Beach 

This is conveniently located in the SSK area. You can find a cafeteria on the beachfront where you can buy snacks and drinks all throughout the day. They also serve dinners in the evening. This is one of the beaches that is very easy to reach. If you ride the Davutlar minibus, it will directly pass by the Silver Sand Beach.

Now that you know where to find the most amazing beaches in Kusadasi, it is time to book your next flight and enjoy the picture perfect view while soaking under the heat of the sun. What an amazing way to spend your summer!