Favourite Pizza Bakery You Should Never Missed

The taste of delight and the food pleasure that pizzas can offer you is deliciously amazing. Pizzas are a great way to express your mood of the day by choosing its variety of flavours and toppings. With that said, it’s a thing to know the right place where you can order and taste the right type of pizza.

Find your favorite pizza recipes by browsing unto famous bakeries that specializes pizza making. And one of these bakeries is the Letizza bakery. You can enjoy several recipes that have captured a lot of pizza lovers in Australia. You can choose to dine in or take out any of your chosen flavor. In addition to the perfect pizza recipe combinations, Letizza also offers a convenient way of getting your favorites be delivered on your doorsteps. This bakery is known to offering customers a pizza bases online wherein all steps of your pizza cravings are set and available to choose on their website.

Pizza bases online

More of Letizza Bakery

Letizza’s pizza bases are all handcrafted with the use of their authentic Italian recipe. They assure customers that you’ll get the taste and look of a handmade pizza in the comfort of your home Each and each Letizza pizza pie base, dough ball and Piadina – skinny rolled Italian breadstuff is hand made – this ensures every has its own distinctive form and real, do-it-yourself look. Being pre-baked, our pizza bases retain an excellent baking tolerance providing the perfect results – every time – in just 7-10 mins in the oven.

Range of Food Service

Letizza Bakery are dedicated to creating the very best foodservice frozen pizza bases in different sizes to meet different customer and foodservice needs. Our foodservice products are:

  • High Quality
  • Handcrafted
  • Convenient
  • Easy to prepare
  • Cost effective
  • Available Australia Wide

Their foodservice range includes:

  • Gluten Free Pizza Bases
  • Dough Balls
  • Piadina – thin folded Italian Flatbreads

Recipes for Home Chefs

Letizza bakery have created and customized some amazing topping suggestions that can inspire you while creating your own pizza from the ingredients you purchased from them. They offer both meat and vegetarian options that will inspire you more.  Some of their famous recipes for home inspired chefs are:

  • Letizza Pizza Bianco
  • Letizza Chilli Seafood Pizza
  • Letizza Lamb Pizza
  • Letizza Nutella Dessert Pizza
  • Potato & Rosemary Pizza

Gallery for Recipes

If you are looking for some inspiration on how to use our yummy pre-baked pizza bases we have put a selection of our favourite, simple to prepare ideas on our recipes page by visiting their page at today.