Things To Expect When Moving To Minnesota

When you move to Minnesota, there are plenty of things you should be expecting. It’s cold! It snows! The traffic is terrible. And the people are friendly, but they won’t tell you what time it is (that’s a thing!) There’s a lot more to Minnesota than just snow and Vikings fans—and this blog post will give you some helpful pointers on navigating the warmer months. Here’s a guide about living in Minnesota! So grab your coat and get ready for one heck of an adventure with these 37 Things To Expect When Moving To Minnesota.


1. The Temperature is Going to be Great

It’s going to get cold. Cold. And you’re not going to see the sun for months. But in Minnesota, it isn’t a matter of if it will snow and how much. You have to get used to it.


2. You’ll See a Lot of Deer

The Minnesota deer population can be described as “Santa Claus on steroids.”  Every year, an estimated four million deer come through the state looking for food and water during winter migration from Canada down through Wisconsin and Illinois to milder climates in Texas and Mexico. And another thing about deer: they’re much more prominent here than in other states.

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3. It’s going to be Hectic

With its weather, Minnesota is very popular with outdoorsy types (and sports fans), but the reality is that there are just so many people moving here it can be overwhelming at times. There’s an annual winter event in the state that has drawn over 100,000 people to Duluth each year since 1948 called Winter Carnival, and we’ve got tons of festivals and festivals to keep you busy all year long.


4. The summers can get HOT

Speaking of festivals and the weather, summer is the busiest time for festivals and outdoor events. From the Minnesota State Fair to Renaissance Festival to the 4th of July celebrations, there are a lot of things going on. These might be good times to start your own business selling snow cones or popsicles at every festival in town. That goes for every summertime festival too!


5. The Food is Fantastic

Traditional Scandinavian food is hearty, filling, and delicious. It’s also absolutely delicious, even if it is stereotypically considered “Scandinavian.” If you like eating meat, get ready to start with the land-based equivalents of salmon and flounder, which can be found at nearly every restaurant in the state. But don’t worry about vegetarianism. There are loads of options for that too!


6. It’s Going to Get Really, Really Hot

Minnesota has long been believed to have the hottest summers in the country—so hot that in some cases, cities have switched from a four-month calendar to a 28-day calendar just so that businesses would have a break from their scorching work schedules.