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Iconic Desert Tours in the Atlas Mountain

Desert tours are quite adventurous and soothing, especially the deserts located at the Atlas Mountain chains. The outskirts of the Atlas mountain chains provide you with an unforgettable journey of the famous Moroccan sites, which are also used in shooting various famous Hollywood films. If you are also planning for a desert trip then you can explore the tours available and book the best morocco desert tours.

There are many travelling guide agencies which assist you to explore the whole area by yourself, so you can get a close feeling and vibe of the whole scenery and get to know more about the local living style, food, and culture of the local people. Thus, travelling by foot helps you in getting more extensive experience and it also helps in gaining knowledge apart from enjoying and relaxing on your trip.

Famous places to visit in morocco

There are many famous places in morocco that are popular tourist attractions and explorers, adventurers and film directors use the exquisite scenery that morocco offers. Any trip to morocco would be incomplete without visiting one of the four imperial cities built, namely: Marrakesh, Fez, Meknes, the cities are full of different vibrant colors and exquisite bazaars, mosques, ancient buildings and forts. Walking through these cities will give you a flashback of historical influence on the city’s architecture and design.

  • Citadel of Ait Ben – Haddou: it is one of the top architectural destinations to visit in southern Morocco located at the city of Quarzazate, and is a beautiful example of North African clay architecture and is several hundred years old. It has also been used to shoot various films and TV episodes such as game of thrones. The city remains busy due to constant flow of travelers into the city.
  • Hassan Tower: it is famous as a mosque that was not able to be completed. It is made of red stone, and the minaret is 140 feet tall, built during the reign of Yacoub El Mansour, sultan of the Almohad Dynasty. The Hassan Tower consists of six levels, each level contains a solitary room.

Sahara desert

Sahara desert is also one of the main attractions of morocco, and riding on the back of camel through this desert is an adventure rise that you should not miss. You can also enjoy night camps and traditional dance sitting around the bone fire. The sunrise and sunset is another amazing thing that youshould not miss.

Explore the city of Chefchaouen

After Marrakesh, next city that is more popular is Chefchaouen, also nicknamed as cannabis capital of Morocco. It is popular among different artists due to its scenery and blue- painted houses which create a different kind of vibe. The city is located on the hills of Rif Mountains. Day trips from Marrakech can be booked to explore this small yet beautiful city.

Dades valley

It is located between Jebel Sarhro and the Atlas mountains and it provides one of the most spectacular sceneries of Morocco’s landscape. Traditional villages of Berber community are located at the foothills of the valley and are worth visiting.