A Budget Hotel In An Exotic Location Is Like A Deal Made In Heaven

About budget hotels

The idea of a budget is set up to monitor revenue and make up an honest estimation regarding the value of the product. By this, we can assume budget hotel, offers an economic alternative to help visitors and tourists save up cost during their travels. The main mantra of this hotel is to provide travelers with the economically middle-class section, services of decent quality at a low cost.

Features of these hotels

One of the most popular hotel types these days in developing countries, budget hotels are packed with point features:

  • As a part of the affordable segment of hotels, they provide food and room services at a minor cost. Although prices of these hotels are low during the holiday season, these may exceed 20% on regular days. Because of their affordability, it has been a favorite among traveling students and backpackers.
  • Although they might not have the most high-end features, a convenient location makes up for those ‘short-comings’. The presence of budget hotels in an exotic location is easy to find these days.
  • With a tight budget, these hotels try their best to make you feel cozy to ooze out every bit of your money in their facilities. Despite room are not being too big, they are adequate to make you feel comfortable and also comes with features like television and toiletry accessories.
  • The quality of the services provided by these hotels might not be top-notch, but they are still adequate for accommodation. One employee may perform multiple chores for different departments.
  • Online bookings these days have made access to budget hotels very easy. Online websites usually have tie-ups with these hotels, thus providing cheap prices.

Comparison with another segment of hotels

Budget hotels shouldn’t be confused with high-end hotels on discount. There are few things to keep in mind before you make a reservation to a budget hotel next time:

  • One can’t expect the same amenities in a budget hotel that is provided by five-star hotels. One can expect a small room with an attached bathroom and if lucky; with a swimming pool. If you want to vacation in style then you have to upgrade to a better option.
  • Maintenance of these hotels cannot be compared to that of a luxury hotel.
  • The size of these hotels might be very small when compared to that of a luxury hotel.
  • These hotels might not provide adequate dining options. One might have to order food from other restaurants.